The Story of My Body

Nourishing Sof

The story of my body is dark and painful. It is a story filled with secrets, suffering, and oppression. It is a story of gains and losses, both physical and mental. You see, my body, this sacred body of mine, has been through hell and back. You see, I’ve starved my body, my mind, and my soul from the simplicity and ease of both food and life for the past six years. I am Sofia Madrid and I struggle with an eating disorder. I blatantly chose to not identify myself as an anorexic or a bulimic. I hate those two words with a burning passion. I struggle with an illness, but I am not this illness. I struggle with anorexia nervosa, but I am not an anorexic. For years I identified myself through my illness. The eating disorder let me to believe that it was all that I had. I’ve…

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